Biblical words mini-reference

Artificer - A craftsman.

Chamberlain - A eunich.

Covenant - A binding agreement; contract; promise.

Establish - To be made stable. To set up on a firm or permanent basis. To make strong.

Firmament - Basically means space. The space between the ground and the clouds. The space beyond the clouds. Space.

Forget - To banish from one's thoughts. It is a deliberate action. Usually not the common form of today - "To be unable to remember (something)."

Hark - Listen!

Herald - An announcement.

Holy - Set apart. God is Holy i.e. He is entirely different and set apart from everything else, ever. When applied to anything besides God, it implies this thing is set apart for God.

Husbandman - A farmer. (The occupation of husbandry)

Iniquity - This does not directly mean sin. Though (apparently) the Greek word for iniquity and sin is the same, the Hebrew words for these are totally different. Iniquity refers to the heart not being holy - i.e. not set apart, not perfect, and not godly. It is the inclination of our hearts to do evil. Notice that Isaiah 59:1-2 highlights a difference between the two concepts, though related. Take a look at Psalm 51:5. We are born in iniquity, not sin. I am becoming convinced that a new born baby has not sinned per se, but rather, we are born in a state of separation of God. This separation is called iniquity, and we typically call this "born a sinner". The fact is, we, at birth, have inherited iniquity straight from Adam. So do babies go to hell if they die, or do they go to heaven (age of accountability)? I don't know!

Jealous - There are multiple definitions for the english word "jealous", and not all of them are negative. When referred to God, the original text translates to "one being vigilant in guarding a possession" (similar to zeal). For mankind, it can certainly be a Godly jealousy, be is typically either "hostile towards one believed to have an advantage" (similar to envy) or "disposed to suspect unfaithfulness" (the opposite of trust, which is a characteristic of love).

King - [Should] represent the rule of God for the people. Typically, just represents the rule of man over the people.

Kingdom of God - As defined in Romans 14:17 — Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Lasciviousness - Sensuality. (At least I think so).

Manifest - Clear or obvious. To be plainly recognized or known. If something is "made manifest", it has been made quite clear.

Priest - Biblically, one who speaks to God for the people.

Prophet - Biblically, one who speaks to the people for God.

Quickened - Made alive. To give life to.

Revelation - Something that is revealed to you - typically a mystery that has been brought to greater understanding by supernatural means.

Sojourner - A temporary resident.

Thou, thee, thy, thine, thyself - All singular "you"s.

Vagabond - A wanderer.

Vexed - Distressed.

Ye, you, your - All plural "you"s - in the KJV. In other, easier to read Bibles, it could be singular or plural.

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