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Release v1.0 (10/25/12)

Download Windows 32-bit (XP/Vista/7/8)

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What is it?

CodeSync is a free folder-comparison tool. It is especially built to compare 2 or more folders simultaneously. Files which are both the same and which are different can be easily determined. It is not meant to compete with revision control software, but rather to compliment it.

Face it - sometimes us programmers can end up with 3 or more copies of code lying around, whether it is because of multiple frozen projects using a common framework, or because of bad organization. Sometimes each copy even has it's own updates that need consolidated. CodeSync is for those times.


- Free
- Lightweight
- Folder comparison of more than 2 folders is straightforward and easy to do
- Full history (sometimes you realize 3 weeks later you synced the wrong way, for instance)
- Configurable
- Use external merge tool (such as WinMerge) for fine tuned syncing


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