Standalone simple game math library that is also part of reborn2.


Here is the full library, v1.02 (7/5/13) - individual components can be downloaded below.



BinPack.h v1.02 (4/27/13)
- Stack-based recursion, pre-sorting

Cam2dZoom.h v1.01 (7/18/12)
- Zoom, world <-> pixel converison, position clamping

Prim2d.h v1.08 (5/27/13)
- Collision detection for all combinations of OBB, AABB, Triangle, Line Segment, Circle, and Point
- Collision detection for 2 convex n-sided polygons, basic math operations
- Unit tests for functionality and side cases - see Prim2dTest.cpp if interested

Rect.h v1.02 (4/22/13)
- Rectangle class designed especially for handling GUI placement situations

TexTri32.h v1.00 (7/5/13)
- Generic 32-bit sub-pixel and sub-texel accurate affine mapper


Vector.h v1.03 (10/6/12) - Depends on Math.h below
- Typical 2d and 3d vector classes


BitManip.h v1.02 (10/19/12)
- Bit manipulation and "tricks". Bit streaming library.

Color.h v0.99 (5/19/13)
- Color32, ColorF

Interp.h v1.02 (10/12/11)
- Linear, bilinear, trilinear, cubic, bezier, hermite, and many more.

Math.h v1.02 (9/19/12)
- GCD, LCM, fuzzy comparisons, orientation unit conversion (rad, angle, custom), rounding, etc.

Random.h v1.01 (9/28/12)
- PRNG, Good speed, good randomness

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