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Latex allergy is becoming a serious problem for some people. The worst are those who can't leave the house, go to the hospital, get in a car, or anything, because they are severely allergic to a protein or proteins in latex that are literally everywhere.

Worse yet, it is very hard to live in your very own house. Each food bought has to be tediously checked for ingredients which are handled in factories where workers might wear latex gloves, household appliance must be latex free - even materials such as plywood can be out of the question because the glue that holds it together contains latex.

This aims to be a comprehensive list of all things latex-free, where to get them, and when the information was given (since stuff changes so fast). People have suffered for years and researched for hundreds and thousands of hours in order to find these answers. One woman and her family spent months finding a stove that they could say confidently is latex free. Do you know how many materials and parts and companies are involved with the creation of a stove?

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