My Papaw has gone back to dust

Back to dust?!

My Papaw, born 10/3/27, died 11/6/10. Of course, he wasn't just my Papaw - he was a lot of people's Papaw. Anywho, my mom happened to be the one that he mostly left in charge of his affairs. One day, he gives her this box. He clearly knows that he will die soon - well at least he knows this body will go back to dust soon. So he gives her this box, and tells her it has all his important stuff in it.

Deed to the house, check.
Marriage documents, check.
Will, check.
Stuff from army, check.
Old, funny paper with handwritings, and no legal significance whatsoever, check.
Title to ca… huh? What was that?

So fast forward a few months and a passing away from this world, and it was clear to my mom what to do. She read it at his funeral. In fact the funeral was hardly even about him, and that is definitely how he wanted it. To him, I would imagine that funny paper with his handwritings may have been the most important thing in there. Now, it's not the same when you type it up, but this is an attempt to replicate it as accurately as possible, letter for letter (some of it was hard to read… why is cursive becoming such a lost-art?)

The old, funny paper with handwritings

My name is Charles Nolen. My address, 713 Avalon Ave., Va. Beach, Va. I will give witness about how I found God. How I have become one of Gods children. I am so thankful to know that I am a servant of his. I am so thankful to God that, I don't know how to put it in words. But I'll try, I'll try to explain how it was. I repented, or exceped God through Jesus Christ about one year ago, and I have been working and praying every since trying to become one of his children. At times I felt I was, and at times I felt I wasn't. Then about 3 weeks ago I had almost given up. I couldn't live any longer with one foot on one side of the fence, and one on the other. There wasn't anything I could do but go back to my old sinful ways, but on second thought, it scared me. It scared me so bad. I ran to church the first chance I got. I stood in front of all those good Christian people, and told them how I felt, and ask them to pray for me. Up until now, God had never let me know in any way that I was one of his children, and nothing happened to me in that prayer meeting either.

Then just last week while I was in prayer with God in my room one night, and after I had opened my heart to him, and yield myself completely to God. The only way I know how to say it is, he grabed me, he really grabed me. Then one other night this same week while I was kneeled, and resting against this straight back chair in prayer, God's Holy Spirit grabed me again. and now, just 2 days ago, which was Monday night 1-3-72, I had kneeled in prayer early this Monday night, and prayed for some time.

I even prayed for the Holy Spirit, but there was no unusual feeling at this time. Then about 2 or 3 hours later, after watching prayer meeting on TV. channel 27, I turned the TV. off, and just sit in my chair, and prayed. and, oh brother, that was when God really let me know.

I didn't dream this, I was wide awake. and I knew what was going on, even though I couldn't control it.

I feel, the reason he did not let me know before was because, I had not really opened my heart to him. I kindly felt it necessary to continue holding on to a few of those small sinful things. In other words, I wasn't letting him be the driver.

Let me just try to explain how Gods Holy Spirit was when he let me know.

It as the most wonderful thing, and the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced in all of my entire life. It kindly felt like a great big giants hand grabed me, and squeezed so hard I couldn't stand it, but there was no pain at all. The most wonderful feeling I ever had, and it left me very happy. I can't remember every being that happy in my entire life. Just to know, just to really, really know that I was a servant of God. I was over joyed. I thanked, and praised him for hours. I gess, if somebody had overheard me. They would have called the hospital to send some men with a straight jacket. I just thank, and praise God for what he has done for me, and I know God takes care of his children. I just wish that some way, or some how every body could really understand. I have found something that very few people has every found, who every they may be, big, little, or even Christians themselves.

I love God with all my heart all my soul, and all my everything.

Charlie Nolen,
His Servent

P.S. Just stop and think for just a minute. Just think how Great, and all mighty God really is. He made Haven, earth, and all things, and we have a choice. If we didn't, we wouldn't have to chose. I'm so very very thankful I'm with him forever.

This reminds me of the few times I used to go to the old Baptist Churches when I was a boy, the poeople would shout, clap their hands, jump up, and just almost tear up the church. Now I can understand how they felt. God had given them some Holy Spirit. Some of them probable didn't know what it was, but God had given it to them, and they really had it.

You have to want him. Even the stupidest people like myself can find God if they would only have faith, and they want for him. My advice would be. Open your heart to God, and let him be the driver of your life. Let yourself be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. He loves you. Please except him if you haven't. And please love him if you have.

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