Theological terms mini-reference

Antediluvian - Pre-Noah's-Flood period of time.

Apostle -

Disciple -

Dispensation -

Euphemism - This is a way to describe something that is normally very offensive in a way that is less offensive.

Exegesis - Analysis of a text, including historical information, cultural background of the writer, intended audience, etc., in order to come to a better understanding of the significance or relevance of the text.

Expository - Expository text assumes the reader or listener does not have prior knowledge/understanding of the topic being discussed.

Gentile - Not Jewish.

Grace - Undeserved favor.

Heathen - Someone who hasn't heard the gospel. (Okay this isn't the accepted dictionary meaning but it best describes what is behind the term translated to "heathen" when used biblically)

Hermeneutics - (From Wikipedia) "Biblical hermeneutics is the study of the principles of interpretation concerning the books of the Bible."

Holy - Set apart.

Indignation - Anger at something unjust or wrong.

Iniquity - Gross immorality or injustice; wickedness.

Justification/justify - The process of making something right. To be made righteous. To be declared correct.

Patriarch - The male head of a family or tribe, such as Levi, who was the patriarch of the Levites.

Pragmatic - Accomplish something by any means.

Propitiation - Taking punishment on behalf of another.

Redeem/Redemption - (1) To free by paying a ransom; ransom payment; to buy up. (2) To be next of kin. (3) Deliverance. Making something good or right.

Repent - To turn away from. (implying that you are turnings towards something else…)

Righteousness - A state of being right. In all ways, in all things, at all times.

Sacrament - The means by which we take part in the life of Christ. In Catholicism, they are an outward sign of inward grace, such as baptism.

Saint - Someone set aside for Christ.

Sanctification - The process of being made pure or clean, to be made holy. The process of removing of our iniquities.

Supplication - Humble, earnest petition.

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